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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is among the leading organizations that has classified addiction as a disease. Part of the reason for this is that addiction recovery isn’t as simple as having a desire to quit using. There are many factors involved with any type of addiction, including both physical and psychological ones. At Lawson Behavioral drug rehab centers, we address the many different aspects of dependence through inpatient support that starts with supervised detox and continues with inpatient and outpatient programs to increase the odds of successfully transitioning to a life free of addiction.


Why Supervised Detox Is Important

When certain drugs, especially powerful opiates that affect receptors in the brain, are suddenly no longer consumed, the body goes through a withdrawal process. At Lawson, we realize this can be the most challenging part of many clients’ journeys to recovery. At our drug detox clinic in Boise, Idaho, we offer supervised detox done in a way that reduces client risks as much as possible. Clients are also more likely to commit to the additional steps required for recovery if potentially serious withdrawal symptoms are minimized.


How Dual Diagnosis Improves Success Rates

All Lawson Addiction Recovery Centers offer treatments that address both the physical and psychological issues related to dependence. It’s fairly common for clients to arrive at one of our treatment centers and to be diagnosed with both a substance abuse disorder and at least one mental health issue. Our addiction recovery facility in Boise, ID addresses these dual needs with programs that also treat underlying issues such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and schizophrenia. We offer simultaneous treatment to ensure all aspects of addiction are properly considered and addressed.


Safe, Well-Maintained Drug Rehab Centers

Creating a safe environment for our clients is a top priority at our Boise ID drug rehab facility. A well-maintained treatment center allows our clients to keep their attention on their recovery. Safety also extends to being mindful of outside influences and taking steps to cut off access to substances which may tempt or deter clients.


Fostering a Sense of Community

No one wants to feel isolated or alone when overcoming an addiction. At our Boise, Idaho addiction recovery center, we believe that support can also come from fellow clients going through the same process. Many of our clients find it comforting to know they can turn to other people going through a similar experience to get encouragement, advice, and support.


Nonjudgmental Communications

Anything shared during treatment at our addiction recovery facility in Boise, Idaho will remain strictly confidential among all involved parties. We understand the importance of establishing trust by giving our clients the change to discuss their feelings, concerns, and experiences in one-on-one and group sessions in environments free of judgment.


Client-Specific Treatment Plans

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery at our addiction treatment facility in Boise ID, or at any of our other Lawson Behavioral locations. Treatment plans are based on unique client needs as well as individuals’ short- and  long-term goals. Our staff also considers factors such as the particular substance(s) involved, how long the addiction continued before treatment was sought, and related physical and mental health issues.


Comprehensive Care

Complete client care from detox to recovery is what’s available at our Boise ID substance abuse treatment facility. Following an initial evaluation and a supervised detox, a personalized plan will be recommended to each of our clients. Our comprehensive recovery process includes individual therapy sessions, group sessions, dual treatment, and recommendations post-recovery.



Another important part of the treatment provided at our Boise ID addiction treatment center is aftercare. This is when clients are taught coping mechanisms and encouraged to form new, healthy relationships with family members, friends, and co-workers. Aftercare may also include suggested alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments (such as chiropractic care), additional counseling, and regular meetings with a case manager.


Take the first step towards meaningful recovery at our substance abuse treatment facility in Boise, ID. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction recovery options.