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The Detox Process

Many drug and alcohol abusers need help in overcoming their addiction. However, they may experience shame or even guilt about needing to ask for help. The first thing to let them know is that there is absolutely no shame in getting help, especially in dealing with issues of substance abuse. That’s why we, the staff of Lawson Behavioral Center, make ourselves available 24/7/365, so that help is never more than a reach away. The staff at our drug rehab center in New Orleans, LA work together to make sure that the detox process goes smoothly.


Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis clients have needs that can’t be met by the average substance abuse treatment facility. That’s because both mental health issues and problems with drugs or alcohol must be treated simultaneously. From the time our clients enter our drug rehab facility, they will gain access to specially trained staff that can treat both the symptoms of detox as well as the potentially underlying reasons for the addiction.


A Sense Of Community At Our Addiction Treatment Facility

As an adult, finding a community where you can feel like you belong can be extremely difficult. Some people turn to drugs or alcohol to combat their loneliness. That’s why the staff at our addiction recovery program work to create a sense of community at each of our facilities by encouraging clients to learn and gain strength from each others’ experiences.


Honesty At Our Drug Detox Clinic

We all have problems being honest with ourselves. Unfortunately, when it gets to self-destructive levels, these problems must be addressed. Our therapists at Lawson Behavioral work hard to get clients to open up and to finally be honest with themselves about their issues. Through individual and group therapy, a client can begin to see what had led them to drug or alcohol abuse. This clarity will allow the client to be able visualize and work towards a sober life.


Personalized Treatment Plans

Our addiction treatment facility in New Orleans LA offers each client a completely personalized treatment plan. We know that when it comes to treatment, one size definitely does not fit all. We tailor treatment to each individual. We take into consideration the client’s age, medical history, and level of addiction among other factors when creating a treatment plan. For example, an 18-year-old dual diagnosis client will get an entirely different plan from a 30-year-old man who has medical issues.


The Rehabilitation Process

The first part of the recovery process is drug or alcohol detox, which can often be the hardest stage of any treatment. Staff in the detox department will make themselves available 24/7 in order to make sure the client feels supported and comfortable. Following detox, clients will participate in individual and group therapy sessions. There, they will have the chance to connect with other clients and practice healthy coping mechanisms.


Before leaving our center, all clients will have an aftercare meeting where our staff will help clients access resources in their local community. These resources can include 12-step groups, therapists, specialists, and other support programs.