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Many individuals with an addiction are apprehensive about entering a drug rehab center, which is understandable. It can be overwhelming get for anyone to enroll in a substance abuse treatment facility because it is unfamiliar. Fortunately, our Grand Rapids, Michigan addiction recovery facility is a relaxing environment that provides clients with the clean and comfortable environment that is necessary for recovery. Lawson Recovery substance abuse treatment center offers a wide range of comprehensive rehabilitation services that include detox, individual and group therapy, relapse prevention, and aftercare therapy.


In addition to our pristine facility, clients can also count on a reliable and understanding staff. Clients are encouraged to communicate openly with our staff throughout treatment at our Grand Rapids, Michigan addiction treatment center. If individuals are not comfortable with any aspect of their surroundings, then recovery may be difficult. Our clients and staff develop relationships that help the rehabilitation process move forward smoothly, and clients can comfortably reflect on the lifestyle behaviors that led to substance abuse.


Approaches to Treatment

Lawson Recovery is a drug rehab clinic that offers dual diagnosis treatment and individualized treatment plans. There are many factors that can lead to addiction, and every client will have different circumstances that need to be addressed during treatment. An individualized treatment plan is a one-of-a-kind strategy that address the unique needs of each client.


Dual diagnosis is another approach to addiction recovery treatment that increases the likelihood of long-term recovery in those with co-occurring disorders. Individuals with a co-occurring disorder have a drug addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder. In order for treatment to be effective, those with co-occurring disorders should be treated with dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Those who enter our Grand Rapids, Michigan addiction treatment facility with a co-occurring disorder will receive dual diagnosis integrated intervention.


Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation programs at our Grand Rapids, Michigan addiction recovery center may include individual, group, and aftercare counseling, and can be carried out in an inpatient or outpatient setting. However, before therapy begins, clients will go through monitored detox. Our staff monitors each client carefully during detox to ensure each individual gets through this stage safely and comfortably. Although the symptoms of detox will be different for each client based on a variety of factors, most clients complete detox in about seven days.


Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

Lawson Recovery offers inpatient and outpatient programs to those with an addiction. Our inpatient programs provide our clients with continuous support and is beneficial for those who want around-the-clock care. On the other hand, outpatient programs are better suited for those who need to maintain work or personal responsibilities. Whether clients choose an inpatient or outpatient program, if they have the desire to recover, we will help our clients succeed regardless of which path they choose.


Individual, Group, and Aftercare Therapy

Therapy is an essential component when it comes to the rehabilitation process. Therapy is essential, as individuals will examine what contributed their addiction and how to prevent substance abuse from happening again. Clients will attend group sessions and individual counseling sessions at our Grand Rapids, Michigan addiction treatment clinic during their primary treatment period. As clients approach completion of their recovery program, our staff will begin to work with each individual to develop an aftercare treatment plan. Aftercare treatment is important because it keeps individuals connected to valuable resources that can help prevent relapse.